Shaun the Sheep - Bitzer

Bitzer is the Farmer's faithful sheepdog and a good friend to Shaun. His job is to manage the flock while also joining in with the fun and adventure, as long as the Farmer never finds out. He has a tolerant attitude to the sheep's antics, but is ready to step in if things get seriously out of hand.

Price: $19.95 /each

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Shaun the Sheep - Bitzer
  • Fully assembled size (H x W x D) is: 7.5" x 7.2” x 6.5"

  • 22 precut puzzle pieces.

  • Model set includes 22 precut pieces and the assembly instruction.

  • Puzzle pieces connected by joining flaps. NO GLUE REQUIRED!

  • Time required: ~ 60 min.

  • Assembly instruction is included.

Shaun the Sheep - BitzerShaun the Sheep - BitzerShaun the Sheep - BitzerShaun the Sheep - Bitzer