US $20 Bill - Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson (1767 - 1845) was the 7th President of the United States. He gained national fame through his role in the War of 1812, where he won decisive victories over the main British invasion army at the Battle of New Orleans. He is known for founding the Democratic Party. Today, his image is on the front of the United States $20 bill.

Price: $19.95 /each

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US $20 Bill - Andrew Jackson
  • Fully assembled size (H x W x D) is: 8.5” x 6.1” x 7.1”

  • 25 precut puzzle pieces.

  • Composed of 154 multi-shape polygons with 149 edges. The skin texture is carefully modeled from the image of Jackson on the United States $20 bill.

  • Puzzle pieces connected by joining flaps. NO GLUE REQUIRED!

  • Time required: ~ 60 min.

  • Assembly instruction is included.

US $20 Bill - Andrew JacksonUS $20 Bill - Andrew JacksonUS $20 Bill - Andrew JacksonUS $20 Bill - Andrew Jackson