When you order a FILLED Wizhead display (see capacity), you will qualify for Membership Benefits which include the display at no charge, a lifetime 5% discount, participation in our Exchange Program and more! Each of our stylish displays are Made in the USA using sustainable Birch wood.

Pocket-Size Countertop (DISP-P-3x3)

This 3-tier display efficiently showcases nine (9) different series of our popular pocket-size models.

(capacity: 72 items)
Size: 24" H x 13.5" W x 8" D

Full-Size Countertop (DISP-F-2x2)

This compact 2-tier display orderly holds four (4) different series of our classic full-size models.

(capacity: 32 items)
Size: 26" H x 13.5" W x 8" D

Counter Spinner (DISP-SP-8x2)

This functional spinner displays up to sixteen (16) different series using two-sided, divided acrylic pockets.

(capacity: 64 items)
Size: 29" H x 16" W x 16" D

* Designed to hold full-size models, but can also hold pocket-size version.
NOTE: the pockets for display DISP-SP-8x2 and DISP-F-2x2 each hold 8 qty items and can be curated to hold 8 qty of a single item or 4 qty of two different items. (e.g. 8 qty Einstein OR 4 qty Einstein and 4 qty Tesla) ** Display Program is only available for Customers in North America.